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Year 16 Day 355 10:24
I am sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I could not find it.

As you hunters out there level your riflemen NPCs, how do you distribute their earned skill points? I know Strength is important for their HP and Dex/Weapon Skill is important for hitting the target better, but which is more important as leveling? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Year 16 Day 355 11:15
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
You pretty much nailed it. I focus on first on Strength for HP and Dexterity for hitting the target, then Dodge for not getting hit.

Year 16 Day 355 11:56
How high is high enough for Strength and Dex before I should start working on other things like Dodge?


If I am to die this night, I would see that the night does not pass quietly.
Year 16 Day 355 12:07
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
I normally just focus on Str and Dex, and if there is any left over I put them in Dodge. However, it's all personal preference. My combat style is "tank", so hit-points is always my first priority, with a reasonable amount of dexterity so they're not completely useless. It also depends on what target you will be engaging. For bandits and creatures, I find a Dex of 3 to be sufficient, but for attacking players I would go higher.

Edit: Also, players often have good armor, so a little extra damage with a higher PW skill is not a bad idea either.

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Year 16 Day 355 13:32
Also remember you only have a limited number of skillpoints to work with, 10 if I remember correctly. SO you can only get so many skills up before your NPCs cap at level 10.

Year 16 Day 356 6:01
You have 9 level points for all NPCs (levels 2 through 10).

In addition, you'll have bonus points if the NPC's race has bonus skill points that duplicates some of the skills of that NPC.

For Military NPCs, they begin with 2s in Strength, Dex and Dodge.

Riflemen also get a 3 in Projectile Weapons, while a Melee trooper gets a 3 in Non-Projectile Weapons, and Heavy Weapons troopers get a 3 in Heavy Weapons.

So with the right race, you can have more points to work with than 9, as many as 11 (when including both level points and bonus skill points).



Year 16 Day 356 16:07
Armus Zod
Armus Zod
Dodge first and dexterity, weapon skill then strength. Hitpoints are nice but overrated. Dodge is OP. Trust me. :)


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Year 16 Day 357 18:04
Bambl Cata
Bambl Cata
I always aim to get 4 strength, 3 dexterity and 4 dodge, or 3 strength minimum if they have a racial modifier of 2.0 or more. 200hp+ at level 10.

I usually hire a ton of NPCs and fire any races that have a racial modifier lower than 1.5 and/or don't have 2 or more free skill points for their level.

If you get their dexterity to 3 and have spare points, it is more beneficial to upgrade their NPW/PW to 4 rather than dex to 4, because this still gets them into the 5.0-5.5 accuracy category while giving the small crit and damage bonus.

Year 16 Day 359 17:12
Yes, HP is currently underpowered compared to dodge, as Armus says. I'm not sure whether that will stay the case forever, but currently I'm going dodge and dex heavy too, followed by weapon skill, then strength.



Year 16 Day 359 20:11
Thanks for all of the advice from everyone.


If I am to die this night, I would see that the night does not pass quietly.
Year 16 Day 364 8:35
Thanks for asking this question Fragdosk. I found it to be a very helpful topic.

Year 17 Day 19 5:35
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