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Year 6 Day 60 18:51

I don't want to seem greedy, but when are we getting our cp awards for making those cockpit pictures? that's been like ages ago. I made bunches of sector backround pictures, and a cockpit picture that got exepted for shure.
Pay up, you bums. :p

Year 6 Day 60 18:54
I started this thread, sorry...for double post, but..euhm is this stuff malfunctioning or incomplete somehow. sorry been away from forum for a while.
Ok, I can't see what I initially posted. So I'll restate the question: When are we getting our Cp rewards for the cockpit and sector backround pictures?
I had posted bunches of sector pics, and atleast 1 aproved cockpit picture. Don't want to seem greedy, but it's been along while since the contest and if this were the mob I'd have to send a guy called Johny the machinegun over to pore you guys concrete shoes...if you catch my drift. Pay up you no good bums. :p just kidding,and just wondering about the CPs.

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Year 6 Day 60 18:55
no outstanding bugs afaik but you can only post when your logged in at the moment.


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