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I had a question about how you can tell if a ship you own is undocked, undamaged, and unshielded.

I get the damage part, that's easy.

The docked part, I'm pretty sure it will tell you under the location heading. Correct me if I'm wrong about that.

What I'm not so sure of is the shielded part. Would this only apply if the ship was on a planet with shields or are there other instances?

Thanks for the help.


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nothing in the inventory will tell you if the ship or vehicle or what ever is under a shield or not under one it is one of the great mysteries of the combine galaxy weather or not you can access something you own.


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But for it to be under a shield, it has to be on a planet right? If so would that be indicated on the location heading?

As in:
Sector: X
System: X
Planet: X


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Grisu Moratom
Grisu Moratom
Planet does tell you either that it is in an orbit around a planet or if it is down in atmosphere or city / surface location.

Atmosphere is not shielded, but city / surface location can be.

So if it says: Planet (unshielded), Atmosphere (unshielded), city or surface (possibly shielded)


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Ok, got it! Thanks!


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There is a list (or there was anyway) in the Traders Lounge that lists a number of planets that are shielded or partially shielded. I'm not sure how up-to-date it is, but at least gives an indication of which planets are already shielded as not many people unshield planets.


List of Known Shielded Planets

Originally curated by Maha Michi. Last Edited By: Maha Michi on Year 16 Day 296 23:14 so it's probably kept up-to-date.

Grisu's got a good point about making an educated guess. If it doesn't appear on the Known Shielded Planets list, and it's on the city/surface, you can also make an educated guess based on the City layout on the planet and/or the Owner of the Planet. Owner = GE or some other large faction. Probably shielded. City Layout in a Grid or FULL, probably shielded.

You can always DM the owner of the City and the Owner of the Planet to ask about shielding if it's not on the List of Known Shielded Planets. And Worst-case-Scenario, you can fly there in a fast ship and look for the blue covering when descending from Orbit.

Thanks again for all the helpful tips and advice! Much appreciated!


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