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Archives » Simnews post about Banning for same name.
I think understand the rules about using the same name and being in the same faction...but want to ask anyways. What is to prevent someone that you dont know from using your last name too? For example, Gaar is my last name...would I get banned if someone I dont know, or wasnt even aware of aslo used Gaar as thier last name if this person joined a faction that was different, or even politically opposite from mine? Or does this situation only apply to multi-accounts?

Its unlikely (tho possible of course) that with me being a wookiee, that I would have any familial relationship to any non wookiee and would prefer to keep my name as my own.

Thanx for any answers. =)

Correct me if I'm wrong in what I'm about to say.

Those two were banned more than likely because they were using a multi account and weren't in the same faction. The rules state that when two users use a multi account, both users must be in the same faction.

They probably just used the same last name to show their relationship. (brothers, cousins, or maybe they just wanted to.)

If someone were to join with your same last name, no banning would be in order just as long as you weren't sharing a multi account with that user.

Casari your are correct, also they will be unbanned.



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Thanx for clearing that up for me. The Simnews post was a little confusing. =)