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Year 17 Day 10 15:59
Just curious about the admin sector.

I assume its where admins test things, but I was wondering what happens if someone were to attempt to jump into there? Would it deny them, or would they just be banned?

Year 17 Day 10 16:47
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
Just accept that you shouldn't enter it.

And for testing reasons we from the QA team use our dev server and not the live server.

Year 17 Day 10 17:10
You can fly there, but if the admins find out they may do something to you.

Initially when we created the new form of the galaxy it was a holding place for putting in new systems were we could work on them and get them finished before moving them into their final place in the galaxy. Since these systems would be hidden people randomly flying there and revealing them was not good, so it was just banned from being entered.

These days I'm not sure if it is still used for that purpose or something else.


Year 17 Day 17 15:01
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Deleted by Erek. Reason: Your ban has been extended indefinitely.
Year 17 Day 18 14:32
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Year 17 Day 22 0:25
so can I visit my home world out there?


Ever Light Transportation



Year 17 Day 22 2:28
Arjuna has just informed me that the sector has been deleted as there were only 3 systems of note in it, one (Huk) that got moved to its own sector and the other two were for admin purposes so were deleted.


Year 17 Day 22 8:23
God help if you if were in hyperspace.

Year 17 Day 22 8:48
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
By the Gods, the admin powers have truly turned dark. Entire systems destroyed?!

Somewhere, some wily old hermit just clutched his chest and sank into a chair, muttering about millions of voices crying out.

Year 17 Day 22 11:41
God help if you if were in hyperspace. 

-It shouldn't affect anyone flying to Huk

-any flights into deep space inside the sector might look off upon arrival but you can fly out just fine, might look fine I dunno (only if the flight started before the change not after)

-assets left in the sector with nobody onboard will have the same bug as during the galaxy change and will need to be teleported to their current location via a support ticket (you can be at the same coordinates as it but not see it)

But I don't think there are any loose ships there, so should be fine

Because there's no more testing out there and I don't load new systems into it for holding anymore y'all can freely fly around in that empty space

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