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Year 17 Day 11 10:54
Hello All,
Not sure if I am experiencing a bug or realising I'm a muppet.

Issue: I spawned 2 Custom items, for the first time, whilst stood on the grass of a darkness planet. I'd been advised to be in my ship but managed to fail to move in time. (super efficient Art team shouldn't of surprised me)

Now I have 2 Shinies in my inventory, showing themselves to be where I am stood. Thing is, they're not here. Either in my equipment list or on any scanner.

Do I have a bug to report?

Need an Asim and ask for help?

Have what happens when you are a muppet and need to get over it.

Looking forward to the replies. Thanking you.


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Submit a support ticket to address the symptom. A bug report already exists for the cause. It is a known bug that custom items once 'approved' are spawned improperly whilst not inside an entity.

Year 17 Day 11 12:41
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
They are in the planets crust , if you look in your inventory it shows that they are onboard the planet. So yeah, the best way would be to send a ticket

Edited By: Ethan Travis on Year 17 Day 11 12:42

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