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Archives » HP going down with level?
Year 17 Day 18 10:10
Is that even possible under the rules? I know it's possible in reality since my hp just dropped 14 points as I levelled. Must be old age setting in...


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Year 17 Day 18 10:20
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis


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Year 17 Day 18 12:19
Under the Rules, no.

What likely happened was a by-product of a race-change or skill-reset, or (perhaps most likely) the RM adjustment from a while back. Those changes would indirectly affect HP, but would only update your maxHP when your maxHP next is calculated (level up is the only such event I can think of).

Check your RM, re-calculate the HP your toon should have at your level, and if there's an issue, Support ticket it.

Year 17 Day 18 12:26
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
What Kay said.

Couple years back the race modifiers for a lot of races were changed. I am unsure if Duros were decreased or not. Your bio makes it appear you were inactive for some time.

Use this: HP = round((35 * Race Bonus) + (2 * XP Level * (Strength + Race Bonus)) + Strength * 10)

Race Bonus for Duros is 1.0

And yeah, if you didn't level from the old equations till now and if Duros had a higher race bonus then, your HP would go down.


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Year 17 Day 18 12:38
The formula gives the correct ammount, so I guess that is it. I didn't know there's been a change in those.


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Year 17 Day 18 14:39
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