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Year 17 Day 21 9:08
The rules state that when dual wielding weapons there is a 50% accuracy and damage penalty applied to the off-hand weapon. The ground combat rules page also has an accuracy/dodge table.

Is accuracy capped at 100% as shown by the table or does accuracy scale above 100%? Since dual wielding is half your accuracy I was wondering if increasing the dexterity/weapon skill would increase the off-hand weapons accuracy above 50% or if 50% is the upper limit.

Year 17 Day 21 15:51

The way the modifiers work might need to be clarified on the page itself, but the intention is to keep things "simple" from a conversational perspective.

You look up a table value based on your skills, such as 87.5%. Then, to apply the 50% penalty we just subtract it, for the offhand weapon, resulting in 37.5%. Down the line when there are items that supply positive and negative buffs, you might be able to achieve, e.g. 150% main hand accuracy (granting a hit every time) and 150-50=100% offhand accuracy, also granting a hit every time.

It's unlikely that buffs totaling this amount ever become available, but +20% to both is reasonable based on my current plans.


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