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Archives » Squadding disimmilar ships
Year 17 Day 26 10:37
I've been away from the game for a while, so I would like to clarify some of the apparent rules changes that occurred whilst I was gone.

Mainly, is it true that you can now form squads with dissimilar ships? If so, is that true even if the ships are of a different class (fighters and freighters for instance)? Will squads of dissimilar ships still jump to hyperspace in unison like squads of identical ships used to?

Do pilot droids or pilot NPCs need to be in the cockpit of each ship in the squad, or is that still not necessary?


Year 17 Day 26 10:44
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Yes, you can squad dissimilar ships. Just look up their party size. You get 12 slots total. You can enter hyper with them. The slowest ship in your squad determines the speed.

No, droids/pilots are not needed.

Edited By: Lexor Gregain on Year 17 Day 26 10:46
Year 17 Day 26 10:51
Awesome. Thanks!

Year 17 Day 26 14:58
In the same vein; while pilots are not necessary, is it possible to put NPCs with good piloting skill into them in order to speed them up, or is that not yet implemented?

Year 17 Day 26 15:11
@Bromley: we need more sensors :)

@Dante: not implemented.


Year 17 Day 26 15:13
"Yet" is so optimistic! There are no such plans determined at all.



Year 17 Day 26 15:24
It's a good idea! I like to think good ideas eventually get implemented. Soon(tm).

Year 17 Day 26 16:31
Kendall Holm
Kendall Holm
Good ideas are solely subjective


Year 17 Day 41 15:59
Melik Tafari
Melik Tafari
Soon(tm) is solely subjective as well...just saying.