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Year 17 Day 33 10:59
Is it possible to kick droids from a ship whose passenger count is full or is it possible to repackage droids from the Inventory screen?

My ship is currently filled with droids and it seems that I am unable to board because the passenger count is full. When I try to board it gives the option to kick a passenger but when I click it the message that follows says I was not able to kick a passenger.

I am currently on the surface of a planet, I own the ship and I own the droids. Would it be possible to allow repackaging of droids you own from the Inventory screen, as that would solve my problem easily?

Year 17 Day 34 0:58
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
/me facepalms.

This is a derivation of the bug we are aware of that allows unpacking droids to overflow the passenger cap. Most people just repackage the droids so they don't get stranded like you are.

Nope, you cannot repackage from inventory, you need to submit a support ticket at:

ASims can fix you. But now I hope you won't do it again :P


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Year 17 Day 34 9:06
In my case I was not stranded because of the overflow but because I ordered the droids to board the ship and there being more droids than passenger space. A mistake but not because of a bug.

I will be sure to submit a support ticket, thank you.