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Year 17 Day 33 14:02
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn

i was wondering if the weapons will be balance or sumthing.

well.. ive seen the weapons table, the damage they do, etc, and sumtimes it doesnt seems accurate...

i have stoukers guns, and they only do like 5x 5 damaage or sumthing.... but i guess stoukers are like rocket launcher, they should do much more explosive damage...

thank you

Year 17 Day 33 14:15
Victor O`Cuinn
Victor O`Cuinn
Thats the point of the Combat Beta. They are watching things and have spoke about a weapons change in the future (maybe). They have changed them once already and is really a discussion between the admins. If you look through the Sims news feed you can read up on what they are planning.



Year 17 Day 33 19:08
Per the Stoukers and other heavy weapons, they are designed to work primarily against facilities and vehicles not against people. Therefore they have been balanced to not do as much damage to people to get people to use the anti-personnel weapons instead.


Year 17 Day 33 20:25
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
yeah i understand, since there's no ammo in this game, then people would just pick the best gun no matter what.

if there would be ammo, it would be more expensive to run on Stoukers, than run on normal guns lets say.

Year 17 Day 33 21:50

Ammo was removed because we decided it would be too much effort to micromanage and carry around, etc.


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Year 17 Day 33 22:15
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
yeah thanks selatos.. i understand ! :-)


Year 17 Day 47 10:29
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
well i was stupid..

i didnt looked corectly.

so heavy weapons will be more effectives on buildings - okay .

i said that because i was using those SE-14 blasters...... they are soo noob lol
so yeah now purchasing other guns i realised others gun are much more normal.