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Year 7 Day 141 19:38
Tyr Vek
Tyr Vek
I'm interested in placing a set of ancient ruins (not a city or facility mind you- those have strategic value and this would not) on an uninhabited area for the purposes of adding some RP flavor.

How many CP's would it cost me to purchase a custom landscape image for a planetary grid, provided I was able to secure permission from the planet's owner?

I would, of course, acquire the image and host it as necessary.

Year 7 Day 142 16:44
Well the only thing that can be placed on a planet is cities and then facilities in them.

Custom images are more like items, ships, room images, etc.



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Year 7 Day 142 20:16
Tyr Vek
Tyr Vek

I never see that image on my maps (but my maps always block out everything within scanning range) but I gather it's supposed to be a blank city on desert terrain. Note the cati (is that the plural of catus?) and the structures outside of the city. I'd like to conjure up an image of a ruined Falleen city (specifically my soon to be clan's ancient city of Aj'Salan) as a background to the modern city that now rests there.

I see I can purchase custom images for my facilities, items, ships/speeders, rooms and even for cities but there is no mention of the surrounding landscapes. I'm sold on the idea I'm just looking to make the sale.

Year 7 Day 142 21:16
As far as I know, those images were never used. Planet square is a city square, no surrounding area at all.



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