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Archives » Vehicle and cargo weight added to ships weight?
Jatassa Hserret
Jatassa Hserret
So I'm relatively new to the combine, and I have a question about how weight is calculated for vehicles and ships.

Let's suppose I have a speeder that weighs 5 tons, and can carry 1 ton. I fully load it, and put it on a freighter. Does the system count the speeders weight as 5 tons, or 6?

Another example, that freighter weighs 500 tons and can carry 250 tons. I fully load it with RMs, the dock it inside a frigate. Does the system count the frigate as 500 tons, or 750?

Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
The weight of the vehicle/ship remains the same. It is separate from its weight capacity.

Jatassa Hserret
Jatassa Hserret
Ahh interesting. So I could basically stuff a vehicle to the gills and not worry about it being to heavy for the freighter as long as the base weight is ok. That right?

yep and you can get more passengers into a ship by stuffing them into vehicles pods and ships then sticking them inside the big ship.


Ever Light Transportation



Seems like that's...wrong, somehow. Is this intentional, or just that they haven't gotten around to the coding yet?

not wrong or really intentional as much as the fact that it just works that way. A 15 person vehicle can fit inside a 6 person ship purely die to weight/volume. Its hard to limit docking based on passenger capacity.

Problem is that having to calculate the weight all the way through the nested dolls would take a large amount of processing power (at least the way coders explained it years ago when it was brought up then).

The game would have to search the outermost entity to see what it holds, then search each of those and so on all the way down. SO if you have a toolkit in a backpack in a locker in a vehicle inside a larger vehicle inside a ship inside a larger ship inside a station, that is a lot for it to search and get the final weight from.


Just a matter of not having the processing power to pull it off for every single tiny little item in every single container in every single ship. Which is reasonable enough. I'm assuming that'd mean they have the coding ready and in hand, just not the right hardware and/or software.

Someday, then. Like most things.

I doubt they have code ready for it. What real purpose would it serve? It doesn't help anybody.

Passenger capacity is the main problem that exists for this scenario, not w/v. If you look at the vast majority of ships & items, their w/v exceeds their w/v capacity. So if you fill up said item the weight & volume are theoreticlly already accounted for. There are a few items that are different based on other specific stats and could be changed eventually, but at the moment most of the w/v is covered by the container having a larger w/v than its capacity.