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Archives » Mysterious Egg Incubation Error
I've got an error "Undefined property: Item::assignedToType" while trying to interact with Incubator.

Thali`a N`ightshade
Thali`a N`ightshade
It has already been reported the the bugbase but it doesn't look like anyone has had a chance to get to it yet. Same error message as yours.


Anyone know whether it's Just on Derra? I can't reproduce the error on Dev.

I got the Egg in Tolonda sector and tried different Ranch - same error. But another 2 eggs were successfully hatched there last year (~summer).

tried it on Bastion, same error


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Trex Varax
Trex Varax
Attempted to hatch some eggs at a facility besides those already stated. Received the same error, unfortunately. Been advised that it might be a server wide issue. May take some time to fix, potentially in the next synchronization.

Year 17 Day 41 12:45
Thragg Craghorn
Thragg Craghorn
I think this may be server wide. I spoke about it in SWC-Help recently and briefly with Selatos.

We first suspected it may have been becuase they were eggs i found a while ago, but I just got two new ones yesterday and I am having the same issue with those eggs as my previous ones.

Year 17 Day 41 19:34

Looks like it. We'll get a fix in place for the next sync then.


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Year 17 Day 46 15:32
Thragg Craghorn
Thragg Craghorn
Thank you Selatos

Year 17 Day 51 15:34
New error after sync: "You can only interact with things at your current location."

Year 17 Day 52 21:34
got the same error