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Archives » Question about a new name
Year 17 Day 39 20:54
I recently tried to submit a name for a new character (Lyei Hawaquae), but it was rejected for the following reason.

"An error occurred: You have used a restricted title or name in your character name. (Titles, such as "Sir", "Darth" or "Lord" are not allowed in Character Names)."

I'm reasonably sure none of that includes a title, so why is it restricted?

Year 17 Day 39 21:06
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
Lyei Hawaquae is a name for a Deity from Dungeons and Dragons.


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet
Year 17 Day 39 21:09
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Whoever denied you should have pasted this: 4. You may not use the name of an existing character in a different universe:


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Year 17 Day 39 21:19
A homebrew deity that I submitted, but if that makes it unacceptable I'll choose a new name.

Year 17 Day 40 6:08
Simkin, the error seems to state it was an automatic denial, not a manual denial by one of us.

Submitter, if I can find something on google in the first few results thats not facebook or random gobbledygook pages (So Wikipedia, Wookieepedia, some other game/series site) then it will usually be denied.

Year 17 Day 40 10:50
Jevon, the thing is that the site you see the name at is the D&D wiki equivalent of to Star Wars.

Year 17 Day 41 7:01
It is, and if stuff like that pops up i know i will tend to look at the site in question. but the fact remains that this denial was automatic in this case, we never saw it to google it.

I honestly don't know why that specific error message came up. There might be another reason, it just gave that one instead. I did check and that name isn't already a charactet. Pethaps someone once submitted the name and had it denied, thus removing it permanently from the name pool?