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Year 17 Day 39 22:22
I am curious what the normal turnaround time is on support tickets? I have not heard anything since submitting it, and I do not have the ticket number (I'm not even 100% sure it submitted properly, there didn't seem to be any confirmation). I don't want to create another ticket just to ask for status on the existing one.

I am not trying to be impatient, I merely want to know at what point I should raise my hand and say either I've been overlooked or need to try putting in a new ticket. If the answer is a week, I'll wait a week. If the answer is a month, I'll wait a month.

Thanks in advance!

Year 17 Day 39 23:32

Hi, the ticket should be submitted. We use a third party system for support tickets and it seems that the email functionality is broken (and has been for a long, long time). I will poke the asims to take another look at it.


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Year 17 Day 39 23:39
Thank you, oh merciful Simmaster :)

I appreciate the time and energy you and the team dedicate to this grand endeavor.