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Year 17 Day 40 9:18
Jatassa Hserret
Jatassa Hserret
I know tractor beams work to good a target in place in combat, but can they be used to tow a ship traveling? For example of you have a frigate that already has a party size of 12, can you use the tractor beam to tow another ship with you?

Year 17 Day 40 9:54
To your question: No.

It is not known whether Tractor Beams are going to play a role in Space Combat - that whole can of worms is not yet planned fully.

Tractor Beams currently are only used to forcibly move a ship/vehicle into the Docking/Hangar bay of the ship you are piloting. The pilot of the ship doing the tractoring must have pilot or greater access to the entity they are tractoring in.

Tractor beams are often used to move Cargo containers and satellites which cannot be docked on their own. I also use them to move vehicles into BFFs or fighters into a docking bay, etc.

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Year 17 Day 40 10:15
Jatassa Hserret
Jatassa Hserret
Ah,ok. Great info, thanks!

Year 17 Day 47 10:24
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
i never knew about tractor beams in the combine ( how they work etc ).

the only things i knew about the tractor beams ( lol ), is like from star wars ship videogames..... where you could tow like a cargo container to your ship, and move it around.

also, in the same game, tractor beams were there sometimes in docking bays; they tractor small ships who enters, reduce their speed and make them dock normally ! :-P