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Year 17 Day 41 8:39
I've always wondered, so I may as well go ahead and ask.

The hell is a purely mechanical/electrical/tinkering skill doing in the Social section of the stats? Show me the social aspect.

Year 17 Day 41 8:54
It determines the success of me breaking into your cockpit and socializing with you. Also, determines how much fun you will have at your next key card crafting club meeting.

Year 17 Day 41 9:59
A high crafting skill improves your standing at the monthly Etsy meetup on planet of choice.

Year 17 Day 41 12:17
Because it used to be Theft/Deceit. Deceit is a pretty standard Social-class skill in D&D type games.

Year 17 Day 41 12:45
Deceiving Meleenium and Quantum into becoming Force Robes... Deceiving Air into Keycards! ... Deceiving Locks into opening!

Year 17 Day 41 12:53
Don't even need a natural 20.

Thanks for clearing it up though, Mikel. Presumably that'd want moving over to the section with R&D at some point, though it's hardly a priority.

Year 17 Day 41 13:00
Moving it would unbalance the skill categories and provide a nightmare for people who chose their skill categories based on where it was. There's no reason to move it just to satisfy someone's OCD.