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Year 17 Day 48 17:24
how do dey wurk

For instance...take Artificial Arms. If you equip them in your utility slot - speaking of which, how would you go about unequipping them? Just strap your arms back on and the job's a good'un? - then how are your stats affected? The stats are 2 Strength and -2 Stealth.

Pretend you have 3 Strength and 1 Stealth. You equip the arms. Does your strength remain at 3? Does it get set to 2? Or are they boosted up to 5? Likewise with stealth; does that get set to 0, or is it -1?

Year 17 Day 48 17:50
You need to undergo surgery to get the cybernetics equipped. You cannot remove them. What they do is increase your skills by the relevant amounts and decrease as well down to a minimum of 0.


Year 17 Day 48 17:53
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Can be removed by surgery if not malfunctioning.

Year 17 Day 48 17:54
I recently had a cybernetic eye installed. You equip the item, then you go through a 24 hour timer for a procedure that requires a doctor, npc nurses and a medical faction. Afterwards you have to go through a bacta tank session as you are at 1 hp.

The cybernetic goes into a separate inventory slot that doesnt show on the equipment screen. Once you have it the cybernetic will apply a skill buff or debuff, so my 2 in diplomacy becomes 2-2 for a 0 in diplomacy. The buffs go away if you undertake another surgery to have the cybernetic removed.

This is also all on the handy cybernetics rules page.

Year 17 Day 48 19:41
Just to add.. You can only have one at a time.