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Year 17 Day 50 21:02
I didn't notice it until now, but yesterday while making my character I accidentally put 2 points in the wrong space. I put them in capitol ship piloting while I meant to put them in freighter/fighter combat. Is there any way to undo this, or if you guys can help me?

Year 17 Day 50 21:21
In the event you have made a serious mistake with your skills, you may fill out a support ticket to have your skills reset once and only if you are below level 3 and are a brand new player. Skill resets cannot be performed on characters that are level 3 or higher, or on accounts that have had a previous character.

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Year 17 Day 50 21:23
Where do I fill out a support ticket?

Year 17 Day 50 21:33
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
You only get one reset, so I'd suggest you play a little and figure out what you want to do and what skills are useful first. Did you eg. know that the Fighter/Freighter Combat skill isn't even implemented? Capital Ship Piloting at least has a use.

"Contact Support" at the bottom of any sidebar (bottom right of the game).