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Archives » We wait for 4 days. Multi account register
I started to play several weeks ago. My wife wants to play as well. She said that we were multi account.
She can't join yet but no one has contacted us. We have sent support tickets, DM to Admins... but 0 answers.
My handel is Heilbutt Omare.
We wait since friday last week...

Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
There is currently only 1 ASim taking care of the tickets, so be patient as he has to work through all of them.

Please wait until next friday, maybe till then it's fixed already

One week? Just to inform that we both want to play...
She is already upset, me too. They will end up losing two players.

Really sorry to see this happen, unfortunately with the recent loss of some of the staff as we are a volunteer based community, some of the remaining staff have higher than average tickets to go through, especially given the holiday season. It is very distressing, I know myself.... I was banned once on accident because no one believed someone living in Japan would want to play in SWC and it took individual action of an Asim for that to be fixed.

What I would counsel here is patience and know that the staff have been informed and will try to get to your ticket soon as they can. Again we are a volunteer based community and the single Asim taking on tickets is doing the work he can do in the time he can contribute to our community. I know it upsetting and I hope we do not lose you or your wife from this community.


Hi Onasa,
No worries. My wife and I will wait.
Knowing the situation, there's nothing else to complain about.
Thank you for your help :)
Heilbutt Omare

Currently we use a self-registry system. Please utilize this system to self-report via the settings page.

Also: I have not received a DM from you.


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