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Archives » A Query Regarding the Piloting Functionallity of Astromechs...
Currently, a number of Droids under the category of "Astromech" possess piloting skills and are capable of standing in for a Player Character when piloting a vessel, allowing them to leave the cockpit/bridge while the ship is in motion.

Most, if not all, Droids under the category of Astromech also possess piloting skills, but do not, at this time at least, maintain the same functionally as the select few.

My question is this; Are there any plans to, at some point, extend this piloting functionality to Astromechs (such as the R-Series Droids, besides the R1) in general, or any plans similar or related to that or these droids?

Of course, one understands that some features are still being drafted or haven't been finalised yet or merely serve as place-holders for the time being. It seems like a function, from what I've seen of the Movies/Games/Television Series, that these Droids tend to serve, aside from Repair and Maintenance, such a function within the universe.

Just simple curiosity really...


Uh, any droid with a piloting skill listed can be used to prevent travel abort from entering docked entities. SO that includes pretty much most of the astromechs as well as some of the other random droids.


Um... so, alright then... Is that something that was recently implemented or has it always been like that...?

Because I've always been under the impression that the Astromechs marked as "Partially Implemented" ( skill_status_1.gif ), so the R1 Series Astromech, FA-4 Pilot and the RX Pilot, were actually functional for that purpose.

Guess I'll have to test that with my R3 when I get back to my ship...


Ever since that functionality was added, any droid with a pilot skill could be used. Unless it has been changed, that should still be the case.


Tested this with my R3-Series Astromech and it seems to have worked, so you would be correct. It would help if this particular function was actually noted somewhere in the rules pages, or at least if it is, one never found it.


To add to what Azuriel posted above:

- If someone tries to remove an NPC pilot droid from a cockpit, either by adding it to their party or by using the Move to Room Party page command, will that also stop the ship, or would it just generate an error?

- Would reassigning privs to that droid also cause the same travel interruptions that reassigning the ship causes?

- Are there plans to place an explanation in the Rules somewhere explaining how moving or changing an NPC pilot droid may interrupt a ship's travel, just as unassigning a ship is hinted at?

I've seen various answers in multiple Forum threads, but nothing seems to have been added to any Rules page, other than the Skills section on the individual Droids pages.

Good questions that I don't know the answer to. Would require testing. I'll give it a go if I can remember later.

There's a Rules Update Forum to note down discrepancies, issues, corrections, clarifications, additions, etc. to the Rules pages. Good practice if you ask a question and the answer turns out to contradict the rules (or is otherwise contra-indicated by the Rules) is to submit a Rules Update thread. Asims/Admins/etc. don't sweep through Questions to make a to-do list of Rules updates. I know we don't all have a tonne of time, but it certainly isn't productive to point out the lack of Rules Correcting / Clarification as if it isn't something the player base (questioner/etc.) could help with.

In other words, Az and others, If you think the Rules should say something they don't currently say, Help the Combine by suggesting the changes in that forum.

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