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Year 17 Day 59 18:52
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn

I wonder about the length, and capacity of some ships...

I know we cant know for sure... ships are taken from the star wars wiki, and a lot of ships just have a few texts , and maybe 1 image.

Whilst i get that cruiser/frigate/capital ships, most of them dont have high cargo capacity, because its like rooms over rooms for passengers, confortability (etc ), and etc

also to hold all those big weapons, it takes a lot of space to having operational weapons like cannons, turbolasers , etc ( you get the point ).

first, the length of entities as to be right...

Some ships looks larger then other, then you see their length and ure confused sometimes ( Simiyiar freighter, or XS-800 for example )


For example, The wayfarer-class ship .


Its a new ship on combine, it looks to have quite decent ccargo space.

its length is 82 meters. You can see the big cargo container attached to it.

so if we would calculate the cargo space available for its 'big cargo container',
we can do it like messy using the 82 meters length,

and it would give something in the 20,000 m3 space, ( the least ), upon calculations i made.

What do you think ? :o)

lol im such annoying :-)

Year 17 Day 59 19:00
It could carry 220 metric tons. The cargo space also wasn't a big empty cube


It was divided into compartments for much of it.

Would love if the new travel system gave us maps like that <.

Year 17 Day 59 19:41
SWC will be revising ship stats come space combat, until then these are just numbers from wookieepedia

Year 17 Day 59 21:04
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
You need air tight room + all the lifesupport tubes and electrical components in the walls .........and walls you need pretty dense walls to keep out all those pesky micro astros or simply space dust


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Year 17 Day 59 21:37
Ruuda Tloosn
Ruuda Tloosn
It could carry 220 metric tons. The cargo space also wasn't a big empty cube 

220 'metric' tons, means 'whatever space for 220 tons of weight...'

220 tons = 220 000 kg of weight .

that doesnt tell the space it have.

lets say about 60 meters length , 24 meters wide, 12 meters of height, ( for the cargo container )

it would equal around 17,280 cubic meters of space for cargo

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Year 17 Day 60 0:35
On the same note, I find the room layouts of some ships like the Corona-Class insane, especially compared to others. Take a look at the Arquitens length and volume, then the Corona, then compare their room layouts.

It's madness. Just straight up madness.

More on topic, having completely accurate internal spacing for ships has always been a problem in the combine, though, and it isn't one likely to go away anytime soon - especially not now that everybody's gotten used to it.

Incidentally, I'd love if room maps were accurate like that, Weylin, wherever possible.

Year 17 Day 60 4:06
Rooms maps have always been arbitrary and based on getting the rough shape of the ship into the room resign. The YT-1300 has something like 6 rooms to get the shape right while the J-327 has only 3 etc.


Year 17 Day 60 7:28
Have always been, yes. Will always be? With the planned travel revamp, within entities included, I'm hoping some more love and care will be put into them. Even if not quite as detailed as the one on the Wayfarer's page, having multiple rooms (which will also be great if they add hardpoints and the like so boarding parties can strike the weapons control rooms, engineering, tractor controls, etc) would be awesome.

...like prisons and asylums having cells. Or temples and cathedrals having large open spaces Imagine museums with properly placed displays.

Year 17 Day 61 8:38
Tal Dorn
Tal Dorn
SWC will be revising ship stats come space combat, until then these are just numbers from wookieepedia

- Jevon Lambright

I am kinda hoping ship/vehicle stats will be revised before combat is released or some preparation maybe for naught.

Right now it's like buying a tank and finding out the armor is incorrect or non-existent when the battle begins. But then again, we're in beta right?

EDIT: Just out of curiosity, if R&D (as described by Selatos) is released before combat, how will the developed tech be modified after or when combat is released?

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Year 17 Day 61 10:58
R&D tech won't need to be balanced based on the fact that everything will be balanced ahead of time through R&D & RM costs.