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Archives » M-Class Mon Calamari vs Hammerhead
Could someone explain to me why it cost twice so much durelium to build a mon Cal then a hammerhead? The Hyperspeed of both ships are the same. But sublight and max speed are in favor of the Hammerhead.

I would suggest to make the hyperspeed of the mon cal 3 instead of 2. Or change the materials requirement.



Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
The M-Cal weights almost three times more than the Hammerhead.
So getting the same speed, I guess, needs a larger engine.

You cannot change the material requirements on a ship, they are calculated based on the entity's stats and are not arbitrarily picked by admins. And I believe Blot has it correct; the increased length and weight/volume likely influences the durelium, as the power required relates to size.

Durelium is used only in the construction of hyperdrives, and it takes one hell of a lot of energy to kick even a small freighter into hyperspace. Something considerably larger than something else is going to require a much stronger hyperdrive in order to go at the same sort of speed. It's why most Capitals go at a speed of 1, despite having the very best hyperdrives available - they're colossal in size. So in this case, it'd take more durelium for a Mon-Cal because it's a much larger ship, and thus requires a stronger hyperdrive to go at a comparable speed.

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I get it!


That must be a Combine-centric point if view, because in canon many capshios had hypers equal or superior to most fighters and freighters.

Cait Catra
Cait Catra
Sadly it is, Weylin. Let's recall when Han was bragging about the speed of the Falcon, he mentioned the Kessel Run, but he also mentioned being able to outrun Imperial cruisers, which made it sound like a feat that not many people could lay claim to.

Bring on the Supercharged ISDs I say!

If you look at canon the big warships were invariably the fastest. However for balance purposes for SWC this had been made the opposite.


I was just bulling a potentially conceivable explanation for it out my rear end. Realistically, most capitals and frigates have colossal engines to propel them through space - just look at the monsters ISD's have - and a lot of their space can be dedicated to the engine and to the hyperdrive. Again, the ISD has a truly massive hyperdrive, and it's reflected by their speed in hyperspace.

In a game where larger ships outnumber the smaller ones, though...