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Archives » Miliatary Droids with Shields
Year 17 Day 60 16:07
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
Why do all military droids get shields when only one of them actually has a shield.

Year 17 Day 60 17:00
I mean, arguably at least 3 of them had shields.

Year 17 Day 60 17:21
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
Why do all Military droids have shields when only one of them has shields?


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Year 17 Day 60 18:16
Year 17 Day 61 7:25
Year 17 Day 61 9:39
I suspect that it is to balance out the fact that droids are mostly cannon fodder. Shielding standard battle droids brings them onto the level of mid level NPCs.

Droidekas and SBDs are quite good, but that is to be expected. Still, SBDs should have a huge hull value and no shields.


Grand Admiral Grev'endar'togl
Empire of the Hand
5th House of the Chiss Ascendancy
Year 17 Day 61 22:39
Icarus Carinae
Icarus Carinae
Agreed, stat's should be balanced based on canon abilities, increase hull points, or raise a SP. The Droideka is now weaker than the SBD...which is kinda weird.

Maybe give it the full fire power it deserves?

Year 17 Day 62 2:17
Well the droideka was effectively unstoppable in some cases and in others jedi cannon fodder. I'm not sure which should be implemented :P

I would support SBD losing shields and having more hull....droideka could always have soem more shields, they were meant to be very strong.


Grand Admiral Grev'endar'togl
Empire of the Hand
5th House of the Chiss Ascendancy
Year 17 Day 62 5:59
Droidekas are savage, and excellent point defense units. Assuming there's a screen of smoke or suppressing fire or something to cover them as they roll into position, they also make highly effective assault units. They have their weaknesses, as do all things, but assuming they are used properly, they massively outclass SBD's.

SBD should lose its shields, as not only are personal shield generators extremely rare, SBDs were also all about higher hull integrity. They were supposed to be durable in contrast to the flimsy and weak Battle Droids. Droideka have decent hulls, but vastly inferior to the SBD; their strength is in powerful deflector shields.

Year 17 Day 65 10:20
HP (which is effectively the same thing as hull points currently) is pretty weak in SWC, so that would only turn the shieldless droids squishy. There's probably a better solution here.



Year 17 Day 66 4:40
If you give droids some kind of standard armour rating it would help. The SBD was better armoured, making it tough. We compensate that by giving higher hp but that isn't exactly balanced.


Grand Admiral Grev'endar'togl
Empire of the Hand
5th House of the Chiss Ascendancy
Year 17 Day 66 7:41
Armor on PCs directly fights against Firepower - why wouldn't the Droids/Entity act the same way?

Couldn't we have the Hull value remain "Droid/Facility HP" and add on an Armor value (I guess like for Creatures - though that isn't really used currently) that reduces damage done to it across the board and require a higher firepower to attack it successfully. EDIT- Wait, the Ground Combat Rules say that already happens, with an intrinsic "damage reduction" value. That value ought to be, but isn't currently, listed on the rules pages for the specific entities. Which Rulespage is out of date?

Likewise for 'shields' for those who have shields; that is, shields become a 'limited-use' armour type, such that either doing the mass cumulative damage over time (like it's set up for now) will deplete it, Or having a high enough firepower to bust straight through shields will deactivate it for the round like Armour.

Edited By: Kay Dallben on Year 17 Day 66 7:54
Year 17 Day 66 8:00
@Kay; I agree, but why do I have a sudden massive sense of deja vu? Like this suggestion has been made a number of times before?