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Year 17 Day 67 6:07
Isabelle DeLuca
Isabelle DeLuca
I've always wondered this.

Why can't we claim items that we find laying around? (That weren't originally NPC). If we're in possession of it, we now own it. It may be someone else's, but that's why it's called stealing.

Someone could use the item ownership to track us, but then that's a golden rule infraction. So why not just let the person who possesses the item claim ownership, like with drops from hunting?

Year 17 Day 67 7:22
Read this thread, I think it hits most of the points for/against


EDIT: Snip. Yes, go read that thread.

To your second statement/question:
People cannot use item ownership to track locations. It was and is most certainly a golden rule infraction, but it's no longer possible (hasn't been for a while). If you've found a way to do it, you should immediately report the method as a 'Private exploit' bug.

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Year 17 Day 67 7:50
Isabelle DeLuca
Isabelle DeLuca
Thanks. I wasn't aware that had been corrected as I have just come back from a long absence.

Edit: So after some reading, it seems like it'll be done at some point... before or after combat, who knows?

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Year 17 Day 67 9:13
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
Can you unclaim items? Would be nice to clean inventory


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''
Year 17 Day 67 9:28
Sure, Ethan. You can do that.
Just make them all over to me! =)


Year 17 Day 67 9:41
Ethan: You can only Unclaim items at your location. It'd be nice (and many have asked in one way or another) for the Inventory to present an option to unclaim-at-a-distance so Owners can just unclaim items they don't ever expect to get possession of again. Better than sending to Darth Doughnuts.

Year 17 Day 67 10:02
Seriously, Ethan, I send all my unwanted items to this douchbag I killed many years ago. He's now my personal Trash Can.
Sending you a DM.


Year 17 Day 67 20:42
Oh come on, just send everything to my scrapyard - be ecofriendly, for the Force sake.

Year 17 Day 67 21:34
Kyle Rainer
Kyle Rainer
Just sell them in shops to remove them.