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Year 17 Day 68 5:19
I decided to start some mines using one dirt hauler.

The yield for this varium mine is 1100.

Seems really low to me, can anyone confirm?

Does using 12 haulers increase yield or just help prevent a collapse?




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Year 17 Day 68 7:39
Ben Camden
Ben Camden
Number doesn't seem that off to me.

Using more haulers will increase the yield, yes - it will not help prevent collapses, for that you'll need a LIN droid.


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Regional Government
Year 17 Day 68 7:43
Thanks Ben,

Does using explosives provide a larger yield?

Year 17 Day 68 8:17
Yes, if it is successful.


latex.php?str=Y_%7B%5Cmathrm%7Bt%7D%7D = Total yield from using explosives
latex.php?str=Y = normal Yield of mine
latex.php?str=Y_%7B%5Cmathrm%7Bm%7D%7D = Modifier for extra/lost yield
latex.php?str=E_%7B%5Cmathrm%7Bs%7D%7D = Percentage of extra yield from explosive used
latex.php?str=E_%7B%5Cmathrm%7Bl%7D%7D = Percentage of lost yield from explosive used

- "Economy: Mining / Explosives"

Year 17 Day 68 8:30
You have the option of using explosives to increase the amount of materials yielded. Doing so also has a risk of failure, resulting in lost materials and damage to the mine and its contents. The amount yielded or lost and the chance of failure is dependent on the explosive used. The risk of failure increases in damaged mines. 

Sounds a bit risky!

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Year 17 Day 68 8:50
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
I also decided to go in to the mining for no apparent reason just to spend money and be broke again............

You just leave some backwash dirt haulers inside of an Mine with the LIN droids to have some effect correct?


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Year 17 Day 68 9:02
Yes. It's almost as if there's a Rulespage devoted to answering those kind of questions.

Year 17 Day 68 10:03
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
Yeah sorry, It might be that I am a lazy slob but I will just use my ''not a native english speaker, cant read well'' card to paddle away from the responsibility of reading before asking.

Anyway much appreciated for giving answer.


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''