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Year 17 Day 71 15:34
Dane Star
Dane Star
At one point in time it was possible to recycle items. I heard that there was some talk of re-enabling this and there not being any raw materials returned from it, but when I check the rules it seems like raw materials are still given from items. Is it currently disabled for items and is it only usable on ships?

Year 17 Day 71 22:53
Last I heard, it was disabled for items due to an exploit

Year 17 Day 71 23:13
Tholme Terik
Tholme Terik
I don't see why it would even be used on items anymore. Now that you can sell them in a shop. Don't know about ships though.


Year 17 Day 72 8:59
I had this idea to recycle keycards and get free RMs..
Guess how that worked out!

That's actually how I found the exploit and reported it - testing Recycling keycards on Dev. I found obscene amounts of XP were possible doing something related to recycling keycards, so they just disabled recycling items altogether. As far as I know, nobody ever actually benefited from that exploit (thank goodness.... I cannot overemphasize how obscene it really was).

Turned out that the Cost per unit RM for the stuff you got back from recycling keycards was stupidly high - way way way way more than mining costs.

I agree with Tholme there's not really a reason for it anymore, sell to Shop. Only reason I could think of for it is to recycle them in bulk in a Recycling Centre (some halfway decent use for useless/outdated items ).

The rest of Recycling is alive and well.

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Year 17 Day 72 10:44
Kay - it would be even worse considering keycards do not actually require RMs to make. So you could craft the keycards for free XP, then recycle them for more XP.


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Year 17 Day 72 11:17
Yeah, true Jev, but that in and of itself wasn't obscene.

I don't know why I was being cagey. I've mentioned it before and it's long-since fixed.

Recycling a Cargo Container netted NO RMs, and therefore was the cheapest thing to recycle at 411 credits a pop. Recall that any Recycle action nets you 20XP, regardless of how long it takes to recycle. Cargo Containers had a 10-minute recycle timer. Oh sure, so 10xp more per half hour than combat... No biggie, right? Except you weren't stuck in place for a Fire Delay.

Obscene came into it when you individually crated keycards or really any other useless item, and hopped from EVS to EVS recycling 1 cargo container of 1 keycard at a time. Constant work, but I had 36 or so going at once before the first timer ended, which works out to roughly 720 XP per 10 minutes constant clicking & loading. Give or take 20 minutes of rest &or downtime stacked up over the course of an hour, it's still a whopping 2880 XP per hour of clicking (for a cost of around 60K, not counting the cost of the EVS), and maxes out at 4320 XP per hour if you have zero downtime. (Again, this was all on Dev, and for the purposes of clearly illustrating how big an exploit it was).

Couple that with it being all INSIDE vehicles with no exposure to attack, which you don't even have to do on a planet (you could just park in a ship somewhere and do this in the hangar bay), and it's even worse.

Then also consider that you can have 1 giant pile of stolen and otherwise useless goods, and a whole faction's worth of people doing it at the same time. It was only limited by the number of items you had, the time it took to individually crate them, and the number of EVS you had - give or take some credits.

It was about the only time I happened to be active at the same time as Veynom active in the Dev IRC, and man was he pissed at the thought of someone exploiting that.

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