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Year 7 Day 144 5:38
Dalpo Caotto
Dalpo Caotto
I recently boarded a wrecker droid to go clean up some wrecks.

I moved to the first location and apparently successfully recovered the wreck, however, now I am no longer able to move.

I select travel, then city. I noticed that the ETA was showing "-0", and after adding the co-ordinates I wanted to move to, the ETA remained the same and I didn't get a "Go" button to actually move.

I was asked to check the droid's cargo, in preparation to transfer what I recovered to a new vehicle, however, my cargo shows as empty.

At this same time, I noticed a map artifact I had never seen before. The space I occupy and several others in the local vicinity of the map, are partially obscured by transparent white squares. I mention this only because I've never seen it before.

Thanks for any help you can provide!

Dalpo Caotto
Haven Composter

Year 7 Day 144 16:13
Please report this in the bug base, for I can not figure out why you can not move either (logged in as you and tried as well)



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Year 7 Day 145 7:03
Bug Base can be found at: http://www.swcombine.com/technical/problem.php

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