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Year 17 Day 72 20:50
I just recently got a job. I had not thought about paying for CPs since I did not have a source of income. However, by the time I got news that I got a job, the double CPs event already came to a close. When are you likely to do another such event? It's fine if I have to wait a long time since I need to owe student loans anyway.

Year 17 Day 72 21:29
If you've got bills, such as student loans, I'd recommend putting your money towards them instead of donating to Combine.

It's cool to be financially responsible!


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Year 17 Day 72 21:33
Thanks for the advise, but I've been already putting in twice the recommended amount into federal student loans to get rid of them as fast as possible (and to accrue less interest). I'm half-expecting the next bonus CP event to be about 5 months out or 10 months out. In current estimations, I should be able to pay back all my student loans in three years (at least for undergraduate).

Year 17 Day 72 21:34
I can't remember any other time it was done, so best to not worry about it.

Year 17 Day 73 5:52
This is the first time I have seen it in 10 years. SO do not expect it to be a regular event.


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Year 17 Day 73 8:42
In all the time Ive been here, we've never done it before.

As much as we'd appreciate the donations, like the others said, we'd rather see our players not homeless, than donate :)


Year 17 Day 73 9:21
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Year 17 Day 73 14:37
Oh. I was hoping to donate $10 and get the star-runner class starship as well as a couple droids....

Year 17 Day 73 18:49
Save your CPs the regular way, or buy the ship/droids with earned credits. You'll feel better about the accomplishments and yourself, plus I'm sure you'll earn some XP along the way. Best of luck, regardless.


Year 17 Day 74 22:15

Three years is pretty good for paying off undersgrad student loans, I'd encourage you to focus on that for now.


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