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Year 17 Day 73 9:43
I'm a returning player and had to make a new account. I decided to delete my character, planning to create an Ewok once the 21 day wait was up. By the time I could create my furry warrior, they aren't in the list of character races! I was hoping to know if They will be accessible again as they are my favorite SW race.

Year 17 Day 73 9:45
Ewok is only NPC now.

Year 17 Day 73 10:13
*tear* A few weeks too late I guess...

Edited By: Annok Kassax on Year 17 Day 73 10:13
Year 17 Day 73 10:18
I don't recall them ever being playable.

Year 17 Day 73 10:21
When I made this account, I was deciding between creating a character with a high force sensitive percentage or just picking a race I like. I decided to go with Nautolan (4 or 5%) vs the Ewok (was 2-3%). I remember having a hard time picking and after a week decided to delete Annok but had to wait a few weeks before being allowed to recreate a character. Apparently in those few weeks, I lost the opportunity.

Year 17 Day 73 11:25
You never had said opportunity.


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Year 17 Day 73 11:39
As far as back as I can remember, ewoks have always been an NPC race. My memory may be somewhat cloudy on this, as it isn't an avenue I pursued. But there it is.

Year 17 Day 73 18:37
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat
Ewoks = Never


If you don't cringe at the actions of your past, then you haven't truly lived.
Year 17 Day 73 18:51
Ewoks? See Phillip Bromley. ;)


Year 17 Day 73 19:39
They were on the Races page, and perhaps that confused you, but you never have had the option of choosing to play as them.

Year 17 Day 73 21:38
Only time there have ever been Ewok players were as punishments.

Year 17 Day 74 2:01
Ewoks, along with Tuskan Raiders have always been NPC only races.


Year 17 Day 74 7:21
Mikel Von Bianchi, thank you. That is what must've happened.

Year 17 Day 74 16:28
Only time there have ever been Ewok players were as punishments.

- Weylin vi Cron
And what crime would I have to perpetrate, in order to be so fortunate as to get rewarded with such "punishment"? </sarcasm>

I suppose that is probably from back when there were race restrictions, and Ewoks couldn't fly ships or vehicles of any kind. At least now, my dream of an Elite Ewok Top Gun fighter squadron providing close air support to my Elite Ewok Space Marines can now become a reality.

Now, the Children of the Green Planet and the Mogwai, have been removed from the rules page. I wonder if they (and the corresponding homeworlds) were removed from the game or if they can still be hired as NPCs by those who know their location?

Edited By: Phillip Bromley on Year 17 Day 74 16:32
Year 17 Day 74 22:26
Ewoks were prohibited from several basic abilities (much like Hutts and others were stopped from flying fighters and small freighters). So unless you don't want to fly... >.>

And the ability to purchase the NPCs was deactivated early on for those two newly discovered races.

Year 17 Day 75 7:29
*takes his ewokinizer*

So you think one cannot be an Ewok?

*grins evilly*


Sim Master Veynom

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Year 17 Day 75 7:59
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
Hit meh, Vey

Year 17 Day 75 10:10
Times have changed, Vey. People are weird now. They want to be Ewoks and Gungans. :(

Year 17 Day 75 10:22
They are outdated unfortunately, yes. You need a Diathimizer, or a Mandalorianizer.

Year 17 Day 75 11:12
No, no Mandalorianizer. There are enough "I am an impermeable badass" bad ones around ,we need no gun for that. Mandalorian is a culture anyway, not a race.


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