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Archives » Stuck On Shielded Planet: Help! (Answered)
Hello all.
I'm currently stuck on a shielded planet (Prakith), and I can't do anything except wander aimlessly through the planet. I tried looking up similar topics on the forums, and I guess one way off the planet is with the NPC transport system.
However, the starport I'm at doesn't have the feature available, and I can't enter the building.
Is there another starport on the planet that has the transport system available?

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I kid. Let's see... Unless my memory is messing me around, NPC transport is only available on homeplanets - planets on which members of a certain race have the option of spawning. If you aren't on one of those, then you won't have access to NPC transport, no matter how many Starports there are floating around.

Assuming you have a ship of your own, you might consult with whoever owns the planet in order to try and get shield access. Alternatively, arrange transport with a faction that provides such a service, and let them deal with it. That of course would cost you money.

Year 17 Day 77 15:09
Ahh, that would make sense.
Unfortunately, I don't have my own ship, but I know I can't spawn one if the shields are there.
I suppose I'll check with another faction; see if I can set something up.
Thanks for the help!


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Cait Catra
Cait Catra
If/when you secure a ship, you can just fly right up through the shields. They keep people out, but no longer in. Now, since you can no longer spawn a CP ship unless you're inside a facility, your next task is to knock on Starport and Landing Pad doors until someone lets you in.

Shields do not affect CP ships spawning - only needing to be inside a powered starport/hanger. If you can get into one of those, generally they are open to all as they make money, you can spawn in a ship then fly up through the shields.


Okay, I see. Luckily I have enough CP's to spawn a ship.
Unfortunately, I think the starport isn't open to all; I've tried moving to all sides of the building and attempted to enter, but the option isn't there.
I tried exploring some other city areas on the planet, but I haven't been able to find another starport.
I figure that I'd have to be picked up in order to get off the planet, at this point


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Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
If you are stucked for real with no options, the high powers ( mods & admins ) have power to throw you on a Darkness planet.

Find them at #swc-help

It helped me and my dumb action getting stuck on a planet with no Spaceport


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Hmm, I'll give that a try.


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Prakith is controlled by the Galactic Empire, and its governor is Bill Maxwell. We don't generally like to have players trapped on our planets and will likely allow someone to come and pick you up. If you can find someone to pick you up, have them contact Bill Maxwell when they need access through the shields.

If you are still in need of being picked up I'll come pick you up


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