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Year 17 Day 82 17:57
Today I was in my city on my way to meet a new hire. I could see the icon representing the character and was two squares away. Once I arrived, the player was gone and in his place was an NPC knife.

He was level one, just joined today. Now the player is no longer in the faction but I got no message indicating he had left.

Any ideas?

Year 17 Day 82 18:24
Xyran Gharj
Xyran Gharj
He boarded something and then dropped. That'd be my guess at least.

Year 17 Day 82 18:39
But why the knife in the middle of the street? Would it be there because he dropped in the street?

There's no faction notification if a member drops char?

Edited By: Fukara Mist on Year 17 Day 82 18:40
Year 17 Day 82 18:43
No, there's no faction notification.


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Year 17 Day 82 19:31
The knife wouldn't automatically drop unless he unequipped it first.

Although you're all overlooking the obvious explanation here: he turned into a knife.

Year 17 Day 82 19:37
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
This is becoming a terrible epidemic amongst the Combine Youth.

Year 17 Day 82 19:50
Venari Haliat
Venari Haliat

I am this bored to create this image.

Year 17 Day 82 21:12

"Uh, hi. I would like to report a missing person please. He's blue and he's naked and he might have turned into a knife."

Year 17 Day 82 21:16
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
This is a real thing. I've seen those NPC knives scattered all over race homeworlds where new players frequently spawn. Watch out!

Year 17 Day 82 21:34
This place is haunted.

Year 17 Day 83 7:05
If he turned into a knife, he's not missing anymore, is he?

But yeah, Dropping, or dying, or the account getting deleted per the 90-day lvl 1 rule all have no events to the faction.

Year 17 Day 83 9:15
Joshua Hyperlight
Joshua Hyperlight
So how do we turn knives back into new players? As a new player, I am very glad I did not become a knife.


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Year 17 Day 83 13:02
Can I submit a support ticket to have the Knife turned back into the lost soul?

Year 17 Day 83 13:34
Only if your character is level 100 in the force, has the "Steel to Flesh" force power spell, and has a Chunk of Adegan to use as a spell component.


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Year 17 Day 83 17:43
So jokes aside, did he turn into a knife? Or is it that he just vanished instead of leaving a lost soul?

Either way, it would be an error, correct?

Year 17 Day 83 18:01

There's no code to turn newbies into knives. Something reasonable likely happened instead. I definitely didn't eat them.


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Year 17 Day 83 18:01
Then the search will continue!

Year 17 Day 83 20:23
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
Sel's in on it!

Year 17 Day 91 6:42
Poor lil Knife Boy. I hope he's found.
We should do a album to raise funds, to stop this apparently alarming epidemic, that seems to plague our newbies...

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