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Year 17 Day 84 14:49
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
Is there a time limit for something that's been bugbased (say, for five years or so) to stop being a bug, and start just being a feature that doesn't exist? I was recently banned from a suggestion forum because "it's not a bugbase". Fact is, a feature has been broken for half a decade. At what point does a broken feature being ignored by coders simply stop being a "bug", and start being something that can be discussed as a "new" feature (either repairing what's broken, or implementing a workaround)? I did suggest in that post a very reasonable workaround, but the admin that banned me apparently was more worried about his ego being chaffed than considering any sort of method of implementation.

I've been playing this game for a long, long time now, and I'm starting to despair of the idea that something is broken and won't be fixed, and we're not allowed to even bring it up. I can bugbase it all day long, but that's not gotten it fixed yet. I'm open to suggestions, though. Apparently that's not in fashion around here right now, but I'll wear it.

Year 17 Day 84 16:17
You are more than welcome to bring up bugs lost to the march of progress... in the correct manner. Your post in Website Suggestions was obviously an attempt to push the boundary of your already-deleted topic in a forum meant as a brainstorming area for players hoping to bring new features to the game.

Lobbying in IRC rooms, sending in emails, adding new information to bug reports, and courteously DMing assigned staff members are all ways to properly call attention to long-standing bugs.

"[Bugbasing] it all day long" is not a proper, measured response to the existence of a bug.

As for your childish stab at the moderator, I would have closed the topic as well had I seen it first. As I already stated, it was in the wrong place and yours is not the first topic to be closed for this reason.