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Year 17 Day 85 3:43
Aarm Killdarn
Aarm Killdarn
I know CCC can control Shield Generators and Power Generators but I'm not sure what are requirements so that I can use it to manage power distribution.

I know only being operator does not give option for managing power distribution, so what are other requirements for it?

Year 17 Day 85 10:22
It has been a LONG time since I messed with CCCs, but don't you need to assign the facilities to it from those facilities? I may be mistaken, mind you.

Year 17 Day 85 14:51
Aarm Killdarn
Aarm Killdarn
Yes, Shield Generators require linking with CCC but not Power Generators.

Now in case of PGs I was in one instance successful with managing power but in other I simply could not access that option so I'm interested what are requirements.

Year 17 Day 85 18:59
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
"In order to access the power interface for a Power generator, you will need to satisfy one of the following conditions:
You are the operator.
You are the commander.
You are the owner, and you have Level 4 'Manage Facilities'.
Your faction is the commander, and you have Level 4 'Manage Facilities'.
Your faction is the owner, and you have level 4 'Manage Facilities'."


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Year 17 Day 86 3:08
I believe the various facilities have to have the same owner as well (at least SGs and the CCC - not sure about the power gens).


Year 17 Day 86 3:21
In case it wasn't clear from previous posts:

To Mess with shields:

1) You need to be operator of the CCC
2) The shields need to be linked to the CCC

To mess with power:

1) You need to be the operator of the CCC
2) You need to be the operator of all the relevant power generators


Grand Admiral Grev'endar'togl
Empire of the Hand
Aliit Ar'Klim
Year 17 Day 86 7:25
yes, only need to be operator, but being manager is less messy.



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Year 17 Day 86 13:37
Aarm Killdarn
Aarm Killdarn
Hm I'm not so sure about your claim Grevendar, but worth a try.

Year 17 Day 87 8:54
Grev is correct. You have to go to each Shield Gen to link it with the CCC. The Power Gens, you just have to be assigned to them and they show when you click the button to manage power, then the button for the city they are in.


Year 17 Day 87 10:24
Aarm Killdarn
Aarm Killdarn
it worked, you need to be operator of both PG and CCC. Thank you for help :D