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Year 17 Day 86 23:31
I have tried moving out of the city traveling all day to find my self in another city Square an I can not seem to travel anywhere but back the way I came. I not sure if its a bug or something I am doing wrong.

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Year 17 Day 86 23:35
Are you using the city/terrain movement map at the bottom to move? What errors are being shown if any? Swamp isn't a terrain that is restricted from moving on like ocean is for some races that I am aware of.


Year 17 Day 86 23:48
I am trying to move using the terrain crossing. It seems stuck on one of the city squares. I can't move anywere but that space. I see no errors pop ups

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Year 17 Day 87 1:22
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel


That explains how cross-terraining and basic movement works.


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Year 17 Day 87 1:23
Are you on the same position where you arrive or you moved to the side of the city square where you want to go?

5/ Moving from one City/Terrain Grid to an adjacent one

Ships, vehicles and characters can travel between city squares using cross terrain. In order to cross terrain, the ship, vehicle or character must be within the border region. You may only cross terrain to the adjacent terrain tile as you are on the border of. 

Year 17 Day 87 5:43
What everyone is saying:

If you are on the left center border of 3,5 - the only square you will have the option of going to would normally be 2,5 because it is adjacent to the edge. To go to a different square, go to the top, bottom, or right border, or the corners to get the diagonal options as well. Standing in the middle of an edge will only flip you between those two squares.


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Year 17 Day 87 8:37
That was going to be what I was going to try next. I thank you all very much. Thank you that worked

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