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Archives » Skill Reset for Species swap
Year 17 Day 95 19:08
I found that I was given the chance to reset my skills following my recent jump to the latest discovered species.

Is there a time limit before which I must reset them, or can I leave the, be as is?

Year 17 Day 95 21:06
You mean the SP you have gain from levels? You can let those sit there until the end of time if you wish.


Year 17 Day 95 23:49
No, you re-choose your starting skills when you switch races. After those are set, you can apply your leveling-earned skill points on top of it.

I would think that setting your base skill points would last until you decide to do it, but I don't know for sure.


Year 17 Day 96 2:08
Yes your skill points for that reset won't run out. However, obviously your character won't be able to put skill points into any skill until they are all done. Also, you won't be able to access any of the character page stuff like changing your avatar or IFF until those skill points are set.


Year 17 Day 96 4:16
Thanks, Lord Chancellor!

Year 17 Day 97 17:52
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
Somewhere along the way I somehow had 1 point added to my capital ship combat skill I know I would have never put there. If I switch to the new race, when I go back, will I be able to put it back in the right spot?

Year 17 Day 97 19:18
You cannot go back once you use the race swap - you can only swap to newly discovered races. But yes, once you swap you can reassign as though you were just creating your character for the first time, so you need to assign priorities to the various skill categories and put points within each area as normal.


Year 17 Day 97 20:49
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
That would just leave one more question. Is there an expected amount of new species forthcoming?

Year 17 Day 97 21:18
There are many still out there waiting to be discovered, the amount is pretty much only limited by what in SW lore has enough information to base a race entry on, and how many planets the galaxy administrators feel like adding to give them a homeworld.

Year 17 Day 97 22:48
Echinsu Ocha
Echinsu Ocha
Shame it wouldn't let me fix the gender of my character, but atleast it is still humanoid.

Year 17 Day 97 22:57
Since there's no stat differences between male and female, maybe the Admins could fix that for you?