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Year 17 Day 101 10:04
I need to recycle a faction HQ so I can move it.

Can I use a pre existing palace on the planet, or do I need to build a new one after I start to recycle the other one?


Year 17 Day 101 10:20
Hello Kathlen Stewart, you can use already on the planet.


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Year 17 Day 101 10:46
Blot Hlidskjalf
Blot Hlidskjalf
You only can "switch" a 7x7 into a HQ when you create a faction.
After that you need a HQ-DC to build one.
If your faction has no additional HQ-DCs (see rules how many members you need to get additional HQ-DCs granted) you have to wait until your original HQ is recycled, since that DC will be granted after reycling is finished.

Year 17 Day 101 10:55
Obi-Wan is definitely wrong. You have to wait until the faction HQ is being/done recycling, in which you will then get the HQ DC to build.

Year 17 Day 101 11:17
Appreciate it guys. Thanks for the help


Year 17 Day 101 11:29
Well definitely wrong is a bit harsh, the question was if she need to build a new one after the older HQ was recycle.
The answer is she can use any 7*7 palace she as already in the planet, meaning she don't need to build a new one.


No. Try not. Do. Or do not. There is no try.
Year 17 Day 101 11:51
Simkin Dragoneel
Simkin Dragoneel
Copied from a similar thread:

"I saw no reason in posting here before because things were pretty much answered.

But since there appears to be a little confusion here:

I know the history of JTC, and yeah. They originally had an HQ which was powered down by a 3rd party. So they recycled it and built a MSD. As has been mentioned here MSD's do not allow new people to spawn into at this time, but I believe the old administration of JTC just had people spawn in or use NPC x-port to a nearby darkness planet where they operated out of.

"This faction does have the needed DC as it is in their inventory for HQ creation ... so they should be able to assign it to the Palace to make things work as they are supposed to in SWC."

No, that is never how SWC works. Factions have many DC's for facilities. None of them are ever assigned, they are all built. Merc factions do not build a hangar or a landing pad and then assign a barracks DC to them, trading factions do not build an office or other 1x3 and then assign a bank DC to them. They just build a barracks or a bank. Only reason why HQ DC's show up at all in your inventory at all is because you have a limited number of them based on your member count which makes them unique. You are confusing production DC's with facility DC's.

Only time conversion ever happens is at creation, after that all facils are built, never assigned. Do not worry, you are not the only one who has been confused over this. I have closed a few bug reports for the very same thing. Hopefully my explanation helps."

Unfortunately she does need to build one Obi.


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Year 17 Day 101 12:28
Thanks Sims. Seeing as I have never personally had to do this, I wasn't for sure how it worked.


Year 17 Day 101 14:49
After i bought a faction a few years ago i build another HQ on the system we already use and i use a 7*7 palace i already have on the planet. That was done because the faction have 2 dc to build HQ do the number count faction once had.

I remember at the time(few years back) i talk to an asim( need to search the log for that if i still have it on pc) asking how it was done and if i could convert any 7*7 into a HQ since i have 2 additional datacards.

And i was able to do so since the HQ was working till faction disappear by a mistake of mine and i need to recreated a few months after that.

But appears my memory it's at fault and my apologies Kathlen Stewart and Jevon Lambright.


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