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Year 17 Day 102 19:22
Jamie Dupler
Jamie Dupler
Right now I am a Chiss if I change it to human do I lose my skills or do I get same amount of points to my current level ?

Also do you lose FS if you switch race ?

Year 17 Day 102 19:32
You wouldn't be able to switch to Human. You can only change race to the most recently discovered races.

As for the remainder of the question, your skill points are reset. You get to reapply them as you'd like. If you're already FS, you maintain your FS status. Your next FS reroll will be done at its regular interval, but with its new percentage.

Year 17 Day 102 19:33
This has been asked and answered here several times, but to answer the questions:

• Your skills are reset and you gain the base skills of the new race
• With the reset, your level appropriate skill points are unaasigned for redistribution, much like when you created.
• If you are already FS (discovered or otherwise) you do not lose that status. If you are not FS, your next level appropriate roll will be at the new race's FS percentage chance.

Edit: And no, no human. Only whatever the current pool of newly discovered races are. So at the very least Miralan at present. Though Chiss were believed to be a lost human colony in the old canon, so you are technically already there!

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Year 17 Day 102 19:40
Jamie Dupler
Jamie Dupler
Thanks I will keep Chiss race.. I was under impression Combine was offering race change to any of the races. and the green people don't look as cool as my current race.

Year 17 Day 103 0:39
That was a one-time thing 3.5 years ago; now you can only ever change to newly discovered races shortly after they are discovered.