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Year 17 Day 111 7:32
I noticed we don't get xp when we are attacked and do our counter strike. Why is that? Over the night, I was viciously attacked by squall. I attacked back, I struck, no xp. Just wondering.... it'd be nice.



Fights like Hurricane, Killing, Ecstasy, Insane.
Year 17 Day 111 7:45
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
Because it has the potential to be abused probably... a few people gathering around and just shooting one person to bump his/her xp

Year 17 Day 111 8:12
General premise of awarding XP is for actual Actions instigated & completed by a player. Some arguable exceptions (e.g. Production queues still award XP when finishing subsequent queueItems even though you only 'started production' once).

It would, I suppose, partially offset the danger of sitting your ass out in the open and likely dying as a result of your enemies scooping you up after they incapacitate you, but it is too easily abusable (whereas Production, not so much).

Year 17 Day 111 8:46
Hire people armed with knives or SE-14 to take pot shots at you, in addition to parties full of NPCs using the same weapons. Equip a knife or a SE-14 yourself, optionally with NPCs of you own. Have the people attack you. Rinse, repeat.

You'll be making thousands a day with barely any effort at all.

Year 17 Day 111 13:49
It's not an oversight, it was purposefully removed due to abuse.