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Year 17 Day 143 7:52
Mostly this is concerning figuring out what the Intentional functionality is so I can test on Dev, bug report as necessary and/or submit a request to update the Rules page:

1) If you go into stealth while within the sensor / vision of another character, and your stealth score is above the threshold, do you vanish from their sensors?

2) If your stealth score is lower than the threshold (for a particular PC), and you board/exit a ship/facility/etc. causing a re-roll which puts you above the threshold, does the other PC no longer see you? (IE: If you're spotted already, does that make you spotted forever until you exit and re-enter stealth?)

3) If your stealth score starts off higher than the threshold, drops below due to your actions such that you're visible to a PC, and then like #2, a re-roll bumps it back up, should the other PC still see you?

4) Is Stealth Mode supposed to hide you from being counted on the Passenger's list for an entity?

Year 17 Day 147 12:02

1) You will vanish, but of course we don't update pages dynamically so if they already downloaded the sensors, e.g. yesterday, that version of the page would not change.

2) They will lose vision whenever you reroll and it is above threshold. Basically they lost track of you when you jumped out, etc.

3) Same as #2, a reroll causes vision to be lost if it is successful

4) Yes but it may be buggy. The passenger limit still applies, for now, so they can still see you and this is strictly not a bug but maybe also not ideal. They should not see you by name on the cargo listing, though, from the cockpit.


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Year 17 Day 147 20:21
Cait Catra
Cait Catra
Would having macrobinoculars equipped help you see someone in stealth mode on a ship or in a facility?