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Year 17 Day 146 10:44
Does anyone RP as a clone, as in from the Clone Army of the Republic, not as a singular clone of another player?

Year 17 Day 146 13:26
My previous character was roleplayed as a clone that wasn't of another player or the Republic clones. It's pretty common in general for people to roleplay as clones. Is there a reason you're looking specifically for Republic clone roleplayers, though?

Year 17 Day 147 8:13
Just curious. I haven't run into one, yet, and it sounds like it would be fun.

Year 17 Day 147 8:23
I've encountered and dealt with NPCs who were Republic Clones, but no PCs as of yet. Doesn't help that due to their implants and programming, they'd be hardwired into service with the GE, the 'rightful' Republic, and are conditioned to act and look a very, very specific way. When you're playing a role for years on end, it's understandable that this wouldn't appeal to that many people.

Year 17 Day 147 13:37
Also, you have to remember that most republic clones went through an accelerated growth. By the time it is in Combine, most if not all are dead. We diverge from the canon timeline around year 0 (of course with names before that more appropriately fitting our setting, and probably some finer details since we lack the Skywalker family line). At around that point in time in the canon universe, pretty much every clone trooper had died.

Year 17 Day 147 23:33
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
Well Republic Commando book series dealt with accelerated aging - in a manner that mandalorian mercenaries who trained commandos went and forced Kaminoans to develop a cure for rapid cell aging.


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Year 17 Day 148 8:30
Dunno if they're considered EU, but if they are, they're no longer even considered canon so... That can hardly be considered real if that's the case :p

Year 17 Day 148 9:08
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
I was just saying in regards if someone roleplayed a Republic clone and in regards of accelerated aging , that notion how to deal with in regards of RP, ideas could be taken from those book series.


''If gods do exist, we need to start looking for ways to kill them''