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Year 17 Day 148 3:55
Sanwene Tonkien
Sanwene Tonkien
I didn't over stress the stats because I thought I would get the one free redo like the first time (even though I missed using it the first time.) Now after creating again I know otherwise. What I would like to know now is there another way to request a redo and what would be legitimate reasons to request that?

When I made this character I did every stat for things I hadn't tried before and sadly these are things that you need a faction for. A recent bad experience with the first faction I joined left me honestly never wanting to work for a faction at the moment. My stats are lackluster now because what I thought I would use them for has now changed and I just waited the 3 weeks. I really hope the answer isn't 3 more weeks.

Year 17 Day 148 4:19
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
In the event you have made a serious mistake with your skills, you may avail yourself of a skill reset once and only once. This is only available if you are below level 3 and are a brand new player. Skill resets cannot be performed on characters that are level 3 or higher, or on accounts that have had a previous character. You can access the self-service skill reset system by clicking on your handle to visit your account settings. 

Your skills are final now and can't be changed anymore except when you level up and put your new skill point into something

Year 17 Day 148 5:43
Naomi is wrong. Her quote is fine however. By the sounds of it you are only 3 weeks into your character and thus most likely still level 1, 2 at the most. This means that you just need to make a support ticket requesting that your stats be reset so you can then redo them.


Year 17 Day 148 5:48
Sanwene Tonkien
Sanwene Tonkien
exactly 2 weeks old and just made it to level 2 yesterday or the day before.

Where do I find the place to make a support ticket?

Year 17 Day 148 6:01
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
I'm not wrong, Elias, as you can see with the bold text. She had a previous char and so CAN'T do the skill reset. That's why the new mechanic is in place now where new players can do it over the char screen... to replace the need of having to open a support ticket.

So in short: She could request it but it won't be approved

Year 17 Day 148 6:25
Sanwene Tonkien
Sanwene Tonkien
I never used my first do over with my first character is there a way to get it now?

Year 17 Day 148 6:26
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
No, because this is not your first char

Year 17 Day 148 10:23
The idea behind the skill reset is for players that don't know what the stats do. Players on a second char know this. If they still screw it up that is not gonna be given a reset. Wait til a new race is found/fix skills by levelling or respawn are your options now.

Year 17 Day 148 11:44
Sanwene Tonkien
Sanwene Tonkien
does picking a new race reset all of your skill or just the points received leveling?

Year 17 Day 148 11:47
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
Complete reset