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Year 17 Day 148 16:50
I was curious the legality of using a screen-sharing/video conference service such as join.me to show other players your screen in-game in live video instead of simply taking screenshots and posting them.

Does that violate multi-account sharing rules?
Or perhaps IC/OOC speration rules?

I know people have posted video of tutorials and showing people how to access in-game content and features on Youtube and was wondering if there was in fact any difference between showing someone a video of playing the game, vs actually showing someone you playing and what to do.

I figured it was safer to ask permission than complain if I got banned, and I couldn't find this question asked anywhere before.

Year 17 Day 148 16:53
I would not think that it would violate multi rules as you are not letting them play, only look. IC/OOC I don't know at all. But I do not know for sure!



Afraad Enterprises
Year 17 Day 148 18:33
As long as they're not interacting (i.e., taking control of your screen) there's no issue. It's no different from them watching over your shoulder.