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Year 17 Day 151 4:16
Jande Crowly
Jande Crowly
Searched couple of times, but could not find those anywhere. Mostly interested in how is travel time calculated and how is XP gain calculated.

Year 17 Day 151 4:53
Such equations are not public knowledge

Year 17 Day 151 5:12
Jande Crowly
Jande Crowly
Thank you. Just curious now, why is it so? We know exact XP gain for various other actions, like hunting, production and so on. What makes hyper travel so different that it should be hidden?

Year 17 Day 151 5:52
Naomi Felian
Naomi Felian
To avoid abuse most likely

Year 17 Day 151 6:32
Hyper travel is not calculated via hypotenuese, but only in 90 degree straight lines and 45 degree angles. I do not know how the equations even work to figure out shortest distances, and the XP equation is likely a similarly confusing equation.

Year 17 Day 151 8:01
I don't know why it's secret, exactly. Travel time is effectively Distance / Speed, where Speed is a function of Hyper speed of the ship and your piloting skill. Exactly what weighting the Hyper and piloting skill get are the secret part.

XP = A * Distance Travelled, I don't recall what A is. 5XP per square or something.

Distance is calculated as Jev mentioned, a series of 90degree straight lines and 45 degree angles. (You can see this visualized in the City/Terrain travel where it shows a series of 45-degree moves to the adjacent row/column and several straight paths. NaviComp uses the hypotenuse, I believe, which is why it's often Off from the real times.

If we assume it'll always make you move 45 degrees when you can... I think you can approximate the calculation as follows:
point A (x y) to point B (x1 y1)
deltaX = abs(x - x1)
deltaY = abs(y - y1)
maximum path covered using 45 degree angle hops only = Min (deltaX deltaY)
Distance1 = sqrt( 2 * Min(deltaX deltaY)2)

path remaining to go is then just a straight line of length Max (deltaX deltaY) - Min(deltaX deltaY)
So Distance 2 = Max (deltaX deltaY) - Min(deltaX deltaY).

Total Distance = sqrt( 2 * Min(deltaX deltaY)2) + Max (deltaX deltaY) - Min(deltaX deltaY)

Can probably simplify that, but I'm lazy.

Time = Distance / Speed

Speed is (maybe) something like HyperVal * (a + b * PilotSkill) or maybe a * Hyperval + b * PilotSkill. You'll have to fiddle with the numbers and get some experimental data to try to approximate it if you really want a 'good enough' equation.

Year 17 Day 151 8:41
Jande Crowly
Jande Crowly
Thank you, I can totally understand lazy part, I'm really good at that part :)

Year 17 Day 151 9:39
hyper xp is easy. The largest difference of the two coords is your xp. 0,0 to 0,50 is 50 xp. 0,0 to 25,50 is also 50 xp. -100,100 to 100,0 is 200 xp.

Year 17 Day 151 12:00
Jande Crowly
Jande Crowly
According to my hyper travels and XP gained for those, Jay's easy is as good as you can get for lazy persons and really accurate. Still, it would be nice if we could have something like equation for both distance and XP gain in rules.

Thank you all for your time.

Year 17 Day 152 1:11
XP gain is 1 XP per square travelled.

That's easy to confirm by simply jumping one square or travelling a single square in sublight. If you want to make sure it's not a rounded value, travel two squares and compare the values.