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Year 17 Day 151 10:40
I have two questions about Custom NPC's.

I have read everything on the CP Exchange's rules for Custom NPC's, and I know they need to have realistic names, but do they have to have a first and last name? I know PC's have to, but if you wanted to, could you only use one word? What I'm thinking is, if you make a Chiss NPC and want to give it a Chiss name(Ex: Mitth'raw'nuruodo(Thrawn)), would that be allowed?

Second question, do Custom NPC's need to have a black background anymore? I know that was the rule at least in the past, but when looking at race pages, in the images, for public customs, some don't have black backgrounds.

Year 17 Day 151 18:32
1) Yes, they do need two names. The easiest way to work it is to just add a space somewhere. Its traditionally close enough

2) black backgrounds are preferred, but not necessary anymore

Year 17 Day 151 19:25
Okay, thank you Jevon. If black backgrounds are preferred, I will use them whenever I can when I make Custom NPC's.

Again, thank you.