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Year 17 Day 155 6:11
Lucas Dragomir
Lucas Dragomir
I need an answer for these questions.

(Shipyard 1/Shipyard 2/Shipyard 3/Shipyard 4/X7 Factory Station)

1)Which of above are the best for light/heavy freighter ship?

2)Which of above are most cheapest yet most efficient station?

3)Which are better,the above station or land factory?

Thanks for the answers.

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Year 17 Day 155 6:27
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
The best is SY4 - because you can built largest ships
In your case SY1 but check the length of the shipyard and the length of the freighter that you want to built.
Cheapest - SY1
Station- cause you dont need to descent anywhere

All in all check rules about production or CPM DATABASE about the which is cheapest


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Year 17 Day 155 10:11
Lamd factories can be more efficient if the planetary stats are good and you do not plan to build anything 80m long or longer. Otherwise an SY1 ahould do just avout all fighters and light freighters.

Year 17 Day 155 10:28
I like the Sy 2 myself. Best all around station. If you really need the extra space then go up to the size you need but it's pretty rare to need a Sy4 tho it does have a larger rm cap so less trips to load rms once it's loaded up.

Year 17 Day 156 4:35
Tal Dorn
Tal Dorn
2)Which of above are most cheapest yet most efficient station?
The factories and factory station can produce more than ships - ships (80 m or less in length), vehicles and items.

Shipyards only produce ships.