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Year 17 Day 160 20:49
Nefrem Wolf
Nefrem Wolf
1. Does force healing get the med room bonus?

2. How much do you heal per force heal level?

Year 17 Day 160 22:28
Ethan Travis
Ethan Travis
Read rules
Do you see med room in the equation ?


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Year 17 Day 161 5:48
Raidan Spike
Raidan Spike
1. If you are referring to the rules referenced here, I would suspect not because the rules state:
the healing power of any medical item used within them is inreased by a factor of 1.3. 

As force healing doesn't use a medical item, there is nothing to suggest this bonus applies. I don't have any experience to back this up though.
Ethan, med rooms are not mentioned in the normal healing equations either..

2. How much you heal depends on your Life facet level. If you have the maximum, which is 100, I think you get the following heals:
Heal Lvl 1: ~12HP
Heal Lvl 2: ~24HP
Heal Lvl 3: ~36HP
Heal Lvl 4: ~48HP
Heal Lvl 5: ~60HP
If you have a lower Life facet level, multiply the above figure by (your facet level)/100 to get the HP you would recover. The same amount of HP is returned to every member in the party you heal, albeit at a higher Force Point cost.



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Year 17 Day 161 10:59
Nefrem Wolf
Nefrem Wolf
Cool Thx Raidan

Year 17 Day 164 15:00
Having a lot of experience with Force Healing, I can tell you that the only things that modify your Force healing are your Life Facet amount (from 01 to 100) and the Skill Level of Force Healing you choose to apply (from 1 to 5, if you've trained up to that Skill level). The actual formula is this:

((Life facet level/.7) * (Power level)) / 12hp, applied equally to all members of the targeted squad.

There is currently a formula for most of the Force powers; you can see them by hovering over the appropriate Force Power.

Of course, all this is expected to change when the planned Force 2.0/3.0 Powers are due to be released, of course, Soon™.

BTW: This would be a good question for the Force Forum Official Q&A Thread.