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Year 17 Day 170 16:04
Let's say I buy a squad of droids. I then let someone put them into a squad.
Is there not a way to break up that squad and get my droids back? I removed the other person from Supervisor but I cannot find an option to party with them or move them or break them up.

Year 17 Day 170 16:26
Lexor Gregain
Lexor Gregain
There is a trick to this, but I'm not sure I remember it. Try finding the lead droid of the squad in your inventory and either a) remove the assigned person's name (so that it says "None" or b) type your own name over the assigned person's (I can't remember which worked). My point is to do it directly in the field and not bother with the drop-down menu and the assign/unassign check boxes.

Year 17 Day 170 17:47
I did it even though it would make no sense to me since doing it either way edits the field in the same manner.
It did not work, however. The squad is still intact even though I made myself supervisor of all 17, then made myself manager, removed myself from both, and made myself both again.

Anyone else have any idea, or is this a feature and not a bug?

Year 17 Day 171 3:48
Ichiru Hanabusa
Ichiru Hanabusa
on droids your stuck without help,

on npcs you can arrest the leader i believe