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Year 7 Day 149 2:04
I made the following sugguestion in the suggestion forum:

"I think to get people more interested in the white board and to give players the oppurtunitiy to earn more xp (than they can currently), mod ships, perhaps r&d, or rescue arrested players etc it is time to bring back the red scenario's. The chance to actually die or do somthing that effects the universe would add more dept to the combine and bring it backs to its roots as a place to RP.

For those that dont know the red scenario, which ended about the time I started a few years ago, would allow changes to the combine database based on RP results and could actually get your character killed or allow you to mod ships etc."

All I got was this response form HAL:

Then he locked the forum so it could not be discussied.

This is not exactly fair to players who want the same oppurtunities to advance thier characters that you guys who have been for while have had. The red scenario's gave you guys lots of xp and chances to mod and other advantages that new players dont have and should have.

Also when a suggestion is brought forward it should not simply be shouted down and locked. If there is a reason it should be stated. Every player is entitled to some degree of respect. This game belongs to all the players not just the admins.

Year 7 Day 149 2:47
Red scenarios are dead.

I'm honestly one of the first people who will pout and complain about wanting them back because they offered the opportunity for us to work, and control certain aspects of the game that are yet to be implemented. The truth of the matter is that they were full of holes, the rules themselves were at times sketchy, to use an example I could survive a blast from a heavy laser from a capital ship which should realistically be impossible.

Move on to the next area of the scenarios, mods, lets face it they were biased and at times vindictive toward people in the scenarios that they disliked. I've seen a few dice rolls go the opposite way they were meant to just because someone was not overly liked by the mods team, e.g Keir Santage and the Nal Hutta incident. That wasn't so much the mods, I admit the way they moderated was very poor because a lot of the rules were disregarded but by how quickly his character was killed in the database showed a dislike for what he contributes to this game, piracy with a certain amount of cheerful flair.

I've asked Vey, he would probably say hounded at one time or another for skill based scenarios or another avenue for us to use to express the capabilities of our factions and personnel. The growth of the game has become a priority, it always was, but now there is no way of culling the numbers when it comes to your enemies or people you have a problem with.

It would be all but impossible to revise the old rules, or create new ones. The role playing of in game actions has taken a back seat to the point and click aspect they're bringing in to fashion now, I think darkness is brilliant at times buggy but overall from ICIS to this is a great improvement. The IC environment has been smothered some what, this game being mostly role playing as it were prior to Darkness kept a lot of undesirable people out because without using words there wasn't a great deal to do at all.

Year 7 Day 149 3:02
Thanks Banquo you answer does add some prospective to the issue.

Year 7 Day 149 12:59
Your concern is not a general Combine question or problem. If you have a problem with a specific player or moderator you should contact them directly for an explanation. If you feel they are behaving out of line you can contact the ASims with your concerns (, but in this case I would be surprised if anything were done. Ultimately, Hal is the only person who can answer for his own behavior.